Meet Zrinka Horvat
Hi, I'm Zrinka – a professional 31-year-old graphic designer based in Zagreb (Croatia), with high expertise in editorial and layout design.
I got my master's degree in Visual Communications at the Faculty of Architecture, School of Design, University of Zagreb in 2015 and have been freelancing ever since.
I have the pleasure of working part-time in a small, art-oriented publishing house Mala zvona as an in-house graphic designer. The rest of the time I'm doing commissioned work for various clients or creating illustrations for fun. 
My design projects often include books, covers, magazines, brochures, presentations, or social-media visuals. 
If you're interested in collaboration, feel free to contact me to see if we're a good match!​​​​​​​
✰ The best-designed Croatian books of the year 2022; ‘Hahari na dnu mulja’ by Josip Cekolj & Dominik Vukovic; Publisher Mala zvona
✰ The best-designed Croatian books of the year 2021; ‘Tisine’ by Nikolina Manojlović Vracar; Publisher Mala zvona
✰ Honorable Mention by Croatian Design Association: Exhibition of Croatian Design 1516; Category: Student design; Visual communications
✰ Best of Behance; Featured in Editorial Design
✰ Annual Award of School of Design: The best MA student project of the year 2014/15; Category: Visual communications

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